Stormy Token Holders

300 Stormy tokens, an NFT collectible series dedicated to shining light on women in the NFT space.

The Stormy token is the first official genesis piece. Through its growth and support we were able to expand our mission and create the our generative art project. Token holders will have exclusive perks and benefits.

Stormy was inspired from the World of Women NFT #9463. The Stormy Token was created to expand female representation and community within the NFT space.


Token Perks

Black Space Animated Quote Facebook post (500 × 500 px)

Women From Venus

Stormy Token holders will be eligible to mint a free + gas WFV NFT.

Black Space Animated Quote Facebook post (500 × 500 px) (2)

Limited Edition Merch / Community

Stormy Holders will have access to VIP events, merch drops, and exclusive private community perks.


Black Vibrant Galaxy out Of This World Quote Poster (1997 × 2500 px) (Logo) (1)

1/1 Genesis Piece

The Stormy Token is a limited edition 1/1 piece. There are only 300 editions and is the piece that was founded and later on expanded to become what is now the WFV generative project.

Untitled design (29)
Untitled design (15)